Billionaire JP Morgan Chase CEO worried about income inequality but chides Sanders and Warren

  • CEO Jamie Dimon made the remarks on “60 Minutes”.
  • Dimon reprimanded Sanders and Warren for policies that “vilify people who’ve worked hard to accomplish things.”
  • He then defended making $31m in 2018.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon appeared on “60 Minutes” Sunday, and wealth inequality in the US was among the topics covered.

“I think the wealthy have been getting wealthier too much in many ways,” he said, adding that Americans at the lower end of the spectrum have “particularly been left behind.”

Dimon chided presidential hopefuls Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for their proposed policy solutions to wealth inequality, though. “I think you should vilify Nazis,” he said, “but you shouldn’t vilify people who’ve worked hard to accomplish things.”

When asked about his 2018 compensation of $31 million dollars, Dimon said his salary was set by JP Morgan Chase’s board of directors, and that he has “nothing to do with it.”

Dimon has been CEO of JP Morgan Chase since 2005. The bank received $25 billion in TARP funds, along with other federal support, during the 2008 financial crisis.

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