Spain Nationalizes Private Hospitals, Declares Coronavirus Lockdown

  • Spain has nationalized all private hospitals in effort to contain coronavirus outbreak.
  • The European nation also declared a state of emergency, placing the country in lockdown.

Spanish health minister Salvador Illa has announced sweeping measures aimed at combating the coronavirus outbreak in the country. The Spanish government will be able to take over private hospitals and requisition their materials such as Covid-19 tests and face masks.

Spain confirmed Monday a total of 9,191 confirmed cases and 309 deaths due to the virus. World-wide, 170,000 cases have been confirmed with a death toll of more than 6,500.

The Spainish government has also declared a state of emergency and closed its borders to non-emergency travel. People were ordered not to leave their residences except to buy food, medicine, go work, or seek medical help. Italy and France have embarked on similar lock down measures in an effort to contain the spread of the virus.

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