Hundreds of Democratic Delegates Demand Medicare for All be Included in Platform

  • Nearly 400 Democratic delegates, and counting, have signed a pledge to oppose any party platform that does not include Medicare for All.
  • More and more delegates, largely from the Sanders campaign, continue to sign on to the pledge.
  • This sets up a potential showdown at the Aug. 17 Democratic Party National Convention.

It looks like one of the battle lines at the upcoming Democratic National Convention is already being drawn.

Nearly 400 delegates to the national convention have signed a petition pledging to oppose any party platform which does not include support for Medicare for All style legislation. Many of the signers are delegates representing the Bernie Sanders campaign but representatives of other campaigns have signed on as well, and number of signers continues to grow.

The signers demand that a plan for universal healthcare, specifically Medicare for All, be included in the party platform. The statement concludes, “we, the undersigned delegates to the Democratic National Convention, pledge to vote against any 2020 Platform that does not include a universal, single-payer, Medicare-For-All, platform plank”.

Former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has steadfastly campaigned against the idea, however, advocating a return to and expansion of Obamacare style policy.

“The sea change that’s underway could swell as a result of this initiative,” national director Norman Solomon, a Sanders delegate, told The Hill. “It’s a reasonable hope that historians will look back at the next couple of weeks as a time when hundreds of delegates stepped forward and said, ‘This is a red line for a humane society and we’re not going to stop saying so.’”

The fight over healthcare policy promises to be one of the main fault lines during the upcoming Democratic National Convention, which is to be held Aug. 17 through Aug. 20.

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