Federal Agents Used Toxic Chemical Grenades In Portland Protests

  • Portland protesters report severe and lasting side effects from the chemical weapons used during Trump’s “Operation Diligent Valor.” Tear gas is banned in war but can be used to disperse crowds of civilians.
  • The Portland Police Bureau began using tear gas on Black Lives Matters protesters almost as soon as they first assembled in late May. Mayor Ted Wheeler acknowledged that the city has used “CS” tear gas. The commonly used formulation contains 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile, a compound that was designed to induce immediate pain but can also have long-term effects, including chronic bronchitis.
  • Among the products that federal agents used during the military-style crackdown is a hexachloroethane “smoke grenade” manufactured by a company called Defense Technology and sold as “Maximum HC Smoke.” Volunteers for the Chemical Weapons Research Consortium collected 20 canisters from the protest area that are the size and shape of the smoke grenades, at least five of which still had Defense Technology labels on them. 

See full story here.

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