Justice Sotomayor Warns “Irreparable Harm” As Supreme Court Stops Census Short

  • Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the sole dissenter on Tuesday when the Supreme Court decided to allow the Trump administration to cut short the census, which a lower court had ordered must continue until Oct. 31.
  • Under Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the Census Bureau had initially extended its deadline for completing the census until the end of October because of disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But after deciding to extend the census, officials abruptly reversed themselves and cut the count short, hoping to end it by the last day of September.
  • Only Sotomayor objected, writing a detailed dissent explaining why she though the majority’s decision is wrong. “I would deny a stay of that injunction,” she wrote. ‘The Government fails to demonstrate that the injunction is likely to cause it irreparable harm. Regardless of the merits of respondents’ claims, this failure, alone, requires denying the requested stay.”

See full story here.

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