DOJ Finally Hitting Google With Antitrust Case Today

  • The Department of Justice will file an antitrust case against Google on Tuesday, both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reported. The case will allege that Google disadvantaged competitors through a network of exclusionary business deals, but will stop short of proposing solutions, sources said.
  • This will be the latest in a series of antitrust allegations made against Big Tech companies like Google. Earlier this month, House Democrats published a report accusing Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon of abusing monopoly power and acting like “oil barons and railroad tycoons.
  • “The officials said the DOJ’s case will argue Google uses a network of illegal, exclusionary business deals which disadvantage smaller competitors. The DOJ will also argue that Google unfairly pays smartphone manufacturers to place its apps front-and-center by pre-installing them on handsets.

See full story here.

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