44.6% Of Our Country Would Rather Burn It All Down Than Admit That “Libs” Maybe Have A Point

  • Soon after the 2017 inauguration the mainstream media went on Trump Voter Remorse Watch. Working off a common but incorrect understanding of human psychology — that, given evidence and time, people would inevitably come to regret their worst decisions. Wrong.
  • Journalists kept interviewing Trump voters over and over, in “heartland” diners and farm fields, in search of evidence that doubts were starting to creep in. Amanda Marcotte found the whole thing exhausting fairly quickly. In June 2017, she published an article where she concluded, after interviewing psychological experts, that “the answer to the question of when Trump voters will come around is somewhere between ‘a long, long time from now’ and more likely ‘never.’”
  • The real story is that Trump voters don’t regret their votes. Odds are, in fact, that they are more determined than ever to back their man. Part of it is that Trump voters remain deeply committed to racist and sexist values — and deeply resentful of being called out for that.

See full story here.

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