Making Money During A Pandemic Is Super Easy When You Happen To Be Computer-Generated

  • “We didn’t create her because we wanted to achieve a marketing plan or anything, we just believed in the possibilities of the future and then the market followed.” Yumi An Anzai, a director at Aww, says Imma was originally intended as an art project rather than a marketing tool and just happened to attract sponsorship. 
  • While many virtual influencers are human in appearance, companies like Superplastic are betting on more fantastical creations like Janky and Guggimon, who have 2.3 million Instagram followers between them. Janky is a “celebrity stuntman” who looks like a tall cat crossed with a bear, while Guggimon resembles a towering bunny with shark teeth.
  • In one video, both characters are seen aimlessly dancing, Janky with an ax in his head. In another sponsored post, they stand in front of a Prada store front they’ve just destroyed in their DeLorean car. Both are dressed in outfits from the fashion house. The mix between reality and hyper-reality creates huge potential for attracting eyeballs and making money. 

See full story here.

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