Merry Christmas! 12 Million Unemployed Americans Will Lose Benefits In December

  • Millions of Americans who lost their jobs to the mass layoffs caused by the coronavirus pandemic will be cut off from government aid at the end of December unless Congress acts, a study said on Wednesday.
  • Lawmakers in March passed the $2.2 trillion CARES Act that expanded the unemployment safety net as Covid-19 wrecked the economy, offering benefits to workers not normally eligible and extending the length of time laid-off Americans could receive benefits.
  • Funding for those programs expires on December 26, and a study from The Century Foundation estimates that nearly 12 million workers will lose benefits from the two main expanded unemployment programs when funding expires. “This cutoff threatens to pull the rug out from under an economy that has already seen millions of workers lose their state unemployment benefits this fall,” the New York-based progressive think tank said in its report.

See full story here.

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