Proud Boy IT Manager At NC State Doxed Thousands Of Left-Wing Activists

  • Chadwick Jason Seagraves, as allegedly revealed through his “Elias McMahone; A Heathen.” Twitter account, was an active member of the Proud Boys since the early days when the group got active in North Carolina in 2017. What wasn’t known then was that he was also a team manager in the technology support services office at NC State University in nearby Raleigh, where he is accused of digitally harassing at least one student activist through his anonymous Twitter account.
  • Earlier this week, the Anonymous Comrade Collective — a left-wing Twitter account that is, as its name indicates, anonymous — identified Seagraves as the instigator of a much more ambitious, if clumsy project. Files containing names and personal information for thousands of left-wing activists, primarily in Portland, Ore. and Asheville, NC, were published on social media and then circulated on far-right platforms on Nov. 10. The meta data for 1,446 out of 2,141 files pointed back to Seagraves, according to Anonymous Comrade Collective.
  • After some of the data was dribbled out on the /pol/ — Politically Incorrect channel on 4chan — a notorious forum for white supremacists — the boards lit up with messages from anonymous users fantasizing about violence. “Good. Give us the list,” one user wrote. “We will assemble a squad and start eliminating antifa one by one.”

See full story here.

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