How Cultural Differences Help Asian Countries Beat COVID-19 As USA Seems Doomed To Struggle

  • In Malaysia, like much of the world, coronavirus infections began rocketing in early March and eventually topped 8,800. By early June daily caseloads had fallen to around 10 to 20 and they’ve never resurged. 
  • Coronavirus infections in the United States also began a steep climb in early March but instead of falling in June surged upwards to some of the country’s worst ever. Americans have defied stay-at-home orders and urged their removal, sparking new waves of infections since June. Some citizens of the country still avoid facemasks. Trump called the mouth covers “patriotic” only recently, after months of resistance.   
  • “I think it’s cultural,” said Alan Chong, associate professor at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies. “People here are still collectivist in orientation of thought, meaning even if a certain government is despised, they will still listen to instructions especially if they are reasonable,” Chong said. “The idea of stay at home, people will obey because the collective good is explained to them in a self-evident way.” 

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