“Actual Fascism” Alarm Bells Ring After Mike Flynn Endorses Military Coup

  • A growing chorus of right-wing figures are calling on President Donald Trump to declare martial law and hold a new election overseen by the military. Tom Zawistowski, head of the Portage County, Ohio, Tea Party, took out a full-page ad in the Washington Times to promote his call for the president to “suspend the Constitution” to protect the Constitution.
  • “It is our exclusive right to elect our president and that sacred right has been infringed by the massive, planned, illegal election fraud conducted by corrupt Democrat/Socialist Party operatives across our nation to steal our vote,” wrote Zawistowski, who is also head of the right-wing We the People Convention that took out the ad.
  • Mike Flynn, recently pardoned by the president for lying to the FBI while serving as national security adviser, tweeted out a link to the We the People Convention — as did pro-Trump lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.

See full story here.

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