Hollywood Producer Bankrolled Super PAC Calling CT’s First Black Rep A “Radical” Socialist

  • During her first reelection bid earlier this year, Connecticut’s first black congresswoman, Rep. Jahana Hayes, was attacked as “too radical” in mailers showing her standing in front of a scene that looks like burning, violent looting and tying her to “the Squad.” But who exactly paid for the ads that Hayes decried as a “dog whistle” was a secret until now.
  • Reverge Anselmo, of Greenwich, Conn., which is in a neighboring congressional district to the one Hayes represents, gave $100,000 to the No Socialism Political Action Committee on October 19, according to a document filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission.
  • That same day, the super PAC funded $35,047.89 worth of direct mail attack ads against Hayes, according to FEC records. Two days later, the PAC spent another $20,138.83 on the mailers. Another $25,000 went to a North Carolina-based firm called Saligram and Associates for “fundraising consulting,” while D.C.-based political strategist Jim Dornan took in $15,000 for strategic consulting, according to the paperwork filed Wednesday.

See full story here.

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