Farmworker Groups Sue To Block Trump Wage Freeze: “Utterly Arbitrary And Unlawful”

  • Organizations representing U.S. farmworkers sued the Trump administration in an effort to block a Labor Department rule freezing the wages of many farm laborers until 2023, a move that would cost workers an estimated $170 million per year in wages over the next decade.
  • “Secretary Scalia’s decision to freeze farmworkers’ wage rates under the H-2A agricultural guestworker program for two years is an utterly arbitrary and unlawful act.”—Bruce Goldstein, Farmworker Justice.
  • Goldstein said in a statement that the plaintiffs are looking to ,“overturn the unjustified decision by Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia to lower wage rates of several hundred thousand farmworkers,” frontline laborers who have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

See full story here.

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