Trump Fanatic Flips Out On Cop And Threatens To Burn Down Starbucks

  • Infamously annoying Trump fan Dion Cini, threatened to burn down a Starbucks while clashing with counter-protesters in Rockefeller Plaza, where some of the president’s supporters gathered to wave signs and accost passersby.
  • “That’s when the [Trump] group showed up and started shouting profanities, and saying how ‘it’s Proud Boys’ turn,’” says Tik Tok user megrabah, who posted videos of the incident.
  • She said the Trump supporters threatened to burn down businesses, and the man in the red hat targeted a nearby Starbucks to set on fire, and then a police officer arrived and told the man to leave. “Who the f*ck are you?” the man screams. “I’m the f*cking police,” the officer screams, even louder.

See full story here.

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