Trump Bestows Upon Corporations More Privacy Rights Than People Have

  • Corporations increasingly receive the same rights as people. Now, it seems, they have privileges even people don’t. The recent Labor Department’s action guarantees privacy rights to corporations under investigation. Unfortunately, this reasonable precaution is not afforded regular Americans.
  • The Labor Department recently urged regulators to stop issuing press releases about companies that may have violated laws on discrimination, worker safety or minimum wage requirements. The concern is that doing so could cause reputational damage from mere accusations, even if the case is eventually dismissed.
  • The Labor Department’s move to shield innocent corporations reveals that government officials are aware of the harms wrought by “digital punishment.” By that we mean the stigmatizing impact of government records as they are shared and archived on the internet, even if a company or person is later found to be legally innocent of a public accusation.

See full story here.

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