Biden Team Backs Away From Vow To End Trump Attack On Asylum Seekers

  • Two of President-elect Joe Biden’s top incoming advisers on Tuesday appeared intent on lowering expectations about Biden’s plans to roll back President Trump’s anti-immigration rules, which have been condemned internationally as violating human rights.
  • Susan Rice, who Biden has named as his domestic policy adviser, told Spanish wire service EFE that policies including “Remain in Mexico,” officially known as Migration Protection Protocols (MPP), will not be immediately suspended, contrary to Biden’s campaign promise to “end the MPP program” on “day one” of his presidency.
  • Saying Biden will “need time” to undo Trump’s immigration policies, Sullivan acknowledged that the Remain in Mexico policy—under which more than 66,000 asylum-seekers have been turned away at the U.S.-Mexico border and forced to live in tent cities—”has led to a humanitarian crisis in northern Mexico” as people wait for their asylum claims to be processed in U.S. courts.

See full story here.

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