“Kelly Loeffler Has Been Campaigning With A Klansman” Jon Ossoff Says Live On Fox

  • Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff refused to back down when a Fox News reporter attempted an impromptu interview on live television as Ossoff was speaking to reporters on the campaign trail in Georgia. Correspondent Peter Doocy interrupted to point out that Fox News was broadcasting his answers live.
  • “And since we’re live on Fox,” Ossoff stated, “let me take this opportunity to address directly the Fox audience. We have two United States senators in Georgia who have blatantly used their offices to enrich themselves. This is beyond partisanship.”
  • “Here’s the bottom line. [Republican Senator] Kelly Loeffler has been campaigning with a klansman. Kelly Loeffler has been campaigning with a klansman. And so she is stooping to these vicious personal attacks to distract from the fact that she’s been campaigning with a former member of the Ku Klux Klan.”

See full story here.

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