Seniors Furious Over GOP-Connected Residents Cutting To Front Of Vaccine Line

  • Five residents of a sprawling Florida retirement community received doses of the coronavirus vaccine last week and all 5 have ties to the Republican Party. Other residents of The Villages who lack those political ties are still waiting for the vaccine and growing angry about the lack of information, reported Villages-News.
  • “I am 78 with coronary artery disease and my wife is 74 and she recently suffered a brain aneurysm,” said Villager Edward Kippel. “We want to know when we will be able to get the coronavirus vaccine. We understand that folks like us who live in Seminole County can get vaccines now. When will Sumter and Lake counties offer the same thing?”
  • “Even in the time of the coronavirus, it all depends on who you know,” Marsha Shearer, a director for The Villages Democratic Club, told The Beast. “I think it comes down to who votes Republican among the old people who live in The Villages.”

See full story here.

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