Trump Fanatics Vow Civil War If Coup Attempt Fails

  • The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer, who is covering Wednesday’s “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington D.C., reports that Trump supporters in the nation’s capital are raising the prospect of a violent revolution if the president is not allowed to stay in power.
  • One Trump supporter who spoke with Sommer explained that reading articles at the far-right Epoch Times convinced him that armed revolt is the only way to respond to the president’s election loss. “So far, every protester I’ve talked to has raised the prospect of violence / another civil war if Trump doesn’t win today,” Sommer writes on Twitter.
  • “They better start worrying about the 80 million people who voted for Trump and are armed,” Long Island Trump supporter Carmelo Prochilo told Sommer. “This will be a second American revolution.”

See full story here.

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