Woman Who Was Trampled To Death At Capitol Coup Had A “DON’T TREAD ON ME” Flag

  • A woman who was reportedly trampled to death during a riot inside the U.S. Capitol carried a Gadsden “don’t tread on me” flag at a protest before the violent siege. Rosanne Boyland, 34, was among four of Trump’s supporters who died after breaking inside to disrupt the congressional certification of Joe Biden’s win, and her family blames the president she fervently backed, reported WGCL-TV.
  • “Rosanne was really passionate about her beliefs like a lot of people,” said her brother-in-law Justin Cave. “I’ve never tried to be a political person, but it’s my own personal belief that the president’s words incited a riot that killed four of his biggest fans [Wednesday] night, and I believe that we should invoke the 25th Amendment at this time.”
  • Boyland was knocked to the ground and crushed as crowds breached the Capitol, according to Axios, and suffered a fatal medical emergency. “People were in there to start stuff, but it wasn’t supposed to be a violent event,” said friend Justin Winchell. “They basically created a panic, and the police, in turn, push back on them, so people started falling.”

See full story here.

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