5 Dead From Attempted Coup As Rioters Call Storming Congress “Hilarious”

  • Thomas Adams was one of the first rioters to step foot in the US Capitol. Flanked by dozens of President Trump fanatics, Adams trampled over police barricades and made his way into the halls of government, eventually reaching the Senate chamber where lawmakers had been evacuated abruptly. 
  • Adams described the scene as “hilarious.” He continued to film on his phone while people walked up and down the senate halls, taking selfies and calling their families. Others tore drawers open and pulled reams of documents out of desks, spreading them over tables and throwing them across the floor.
  • By 5:45 p.m, the Sergeant at Arms announced the Capitol building had been secured. One woman had been shot and killed by a US Capitol Police officer. According to Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee III, four additional people died as the result of medical emergencies on Wednesday. 

See full story here.

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