Dominion Sues Trumpist Lawyer Sidney Powell for $1.3 Billion In Damages

  • Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit Friday against pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell seeking $1.3 billion in damages. The 124-page lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, DC, outlines how Powell repeatedly spread lies about the company, flying in the face of evidence from election certification and courts that found her claims meritless.
  • For months, Powell pushed a false conspiracy theory alleging that Dominion’s election technology had helped falsify the results of the 2020 presidential election to “switch” votes from Trump to Biden, and had links to the regime of now-dead Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
  • “Far from being created in Venezuela to rig elections for a now-deceased Venezuelan dictator, Dominion was founded in Toronto for the purpose of creating a fully audit-able paper-based vote system that would empower people with disabilities to vote independently on verifiable paper ballots,” Dominion’s lawsuit argues.

See full story here.

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