Kamala Harris Will Be The Most Powerful VP In Nearly 100 Years

  • As we await final confirmation of Georgia’s Senate runoff results, one thing is already known. The Senate, evenly split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, will have a new leader on Jan. 20—Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • Harris should exercise her constitutionally-guaranteed role as the Senate’s president, and preside over the Senate as vice presidents routinely did until 1937. If the Democrats fail to take back the Senate majority, this role will be crucial to the nation’s survival.
  • Gridlock is a relatively new crisis. The Senate used to work better, and was designed to work better. Once seated as the Senate’s constitutional presiding officer, Vice President Kamala Harris can exercise power far beyond merely breaking tie votes. She can break gridlock by recognizing any senator to bring any House-passed bill to the floor.

See full story here.

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