“Facts Don’t Change People’s Minds, Emo­tions And Sto­ries And Val­ues Do”

  • After Biden barely squeaked out a vic­to­ry in Geor­gia while Democ­rats nation­wide failed to pro­duce a ​“blue wave,” it soon became clear the pos­si­bil­i­ty of flip­ping the Sen­ate would fall to Georgians. 
  • “We’re tired, we’re scrap­py, this is kind of our first rodeo this year,” Jade Brooks of SONG Pow­er told In These Times. ​“But we knew there were going to be so many nation­al groups com­ing into Geor­gia, so much mon­ey falling from the sky, what could we real­ly do? We brought it to our mem­bers in Geor­gia, and through a series of con­ver­sa­tions and calls, our mem­bers felt very strong­ly that we couldn’t sit the fight out.”
  • “We real­ly lean into the fact that facts don’t change people’s minds, emo­tions and sto­ries and val­ues do,” Dan­ny Tim­pona of People’s Action explained. ​“It’s so rare for peo­ple to actu­al­ly feel lis­tened to, and to think that this per­son on the end of the line actu­al­ly cares. Our vol­un­teers real­ly take a lot of pride in cre­at­ing that space and know­ing how impor­tant this is not just for this elec­tion, but for every­thing we’re nav­i­gat­ing dur­ing the pandemic.”

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