Ten Billionaires Made Enough In 2020 To Vaccinate Every Person On Earth Against Covid-19

  • On Monday, the New York Post reported that the top ten richest people in the world made enough money last year to vaccinate every single person on the planet for COVID-19.
  • “The 10 richest billionaires saw their collective wealth increase by $540 billion from March 18 — around the time the coronavirus caused a historic crash in global stock markets — through Dec. 31, according to Oxfam’s analysis of Forbes wealth data,” reported Noah Manskar. “That’s more than enough to cover the estimated $141.2 billion cost of producing, distributing and delivering COVID-19 vaccines for the entire global population, the nonprofit said in its Monday report.”
  • “Rigged economies are funneling wealth to a rich elite who are riding out the pandemic in luxury, while those on the frontline of the pandemic — shop assistants, healthcare workers, and market vendors — are struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table,” said Oxfam International executive director Gabriela Bucher.

See full story here.

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