Rep QAnon Karen Believes Cali Wildfires Were Deliberately Started With A Giant Space Laser

  • QAnon-loving Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in 2018 posted a bizarre conspiracy theory on her Facebook page involving then-California Gov. Jerry Brown using a giant space laser to deliberately start wildfires.
  • Media Matters on Thursday revealed that Greene, in a since-deleted Facebook post from November 2018, speculated that Brown started the fires in order to clear out forests in areas where he wanted to build a high-speed rail line up the California coast.
  • “If they are beaming the suns energy back to Earth, I’m sure they wouldn’t ever miss a transmitter receiving station right??!!” she wrote. “What would that look like anyway? A laser beam or light beam coming down to Earth I guess. Could that cause a fire? Hmmm, I don’t know. I hope not! That wouldn’t look so good for PG&E, Rothschild Inc, Solaren or Jerry Brown who sure does seem fond of PG&E.”

See full story here

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