When Will Police Chiefs Purge The Capitol Coup Bad Cops From Their Ranks?

  • A former FBI special agent detailed in an Aug. 2020 report that white supremacists and militia members have infiltrated law enforcement ranks across the country. Now that off-duty law enforcement members were part of the Capitol insurrection, the Washington Post reported police chiefs are finally starting to act.
  • “National Sheriffs’ Association President David Mahoney said many police leaders have treated officers with extremist beliefs as outliers and have underestimated the damage they can inflict on the profession and the nation,” the Post reported.
  • At least 12 Capitol Police are under investigation for their behavior during the attack on the building, including one officer seen taking selfies with insurrectionists on Jan. 6. “They know who these bad apples are,” said former FBI agent Michael German. “They learn about them when they are investigating white supremacists and militia groups.”

See full story here.

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