Bitcoin Mining Uses More Energy Than Mining Gold And Platinum Combined

  • To be profitable, Bitcoin miners need to operate in areas where the price of electricity is low, because the practice uses a lot of energy. That often means mining in areas with some of the dirtiest energy. Research from the University of Cambridge shows that about one-third of global Bitcoin production occurred in Xinjiang, China.
  • While Xinjiang is developing renewable wind turbine-powered energy, the majority of electricity in the region is generated from coal. That’s part of the reason why Bitcoin mining has a growing environmental impact. Researchers have also found that Bitcoin mining is more energy-intensive than mining both gold and platinum.
  • As the price of Bitcoin skyrockets, so do the incentives to mine it. Bitcoin is up more than 37 percent in 2021 alone, and has more than doubled since December 2020. 

See full story here.

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