Cornel West May Leave Harvard For The Second Time In Two Decades

  • Harvard University may lose Cornel West for the second time in two decades according to a new report from the Boston Globe. “It is once again this issue of just not putting up with being disrespected,” West explained.
  • “Harvard University professor Cornel West, the well known philosopher, progressive political activist, and outspoken social critic, is threatening to leave Harvard University after he said the administration disrespected him by denying his request to be considered for tenure,” the newspaper reported.
  • “It’s sad you have to go through this again,” West said. “But I wasn’t raised to put up with being disrespected or tolerate disrespect. I don’t try to negotiate respect.”Before receiving his PhD from Princeton University, West received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and first began teaching there in 1994. Harvard confirmed that West’s hopes for tenure were denied.

See full story here.

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