DHS Confirms That Leader Of Violent Neo-Nazi Group Was In Their Ranks

  • The Department of Homeland Security confirmed on Wednesday that Rinaldo Nazzaro the neo-Nazi leader of the Base, a white nationalist and accelerationist paramilitary group recently designated a terror group by the Canadian government, worked within their ranks for several years.
  • The Base, which Nazzaro has described as a “survivalism and self-defense network … sharing knowledge and training to prepare for crisis situations,” has been responsible for coordinating train derailment plans, weapons stockpiling, synagogue vandalism, and an assassination plot.
  • According to VICE News, Nazzaro also worked as a private military contractor in 2014 in the Special Operations Command (SOCOM), a highly secretive element of the U.S. military tasked with fighting jihadist terror groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

See full story here.

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