One Third Of All Freshwater Fish Face Extinction World Wide

  • The world’s freshwater fishes are in “terrible trouble,” with nearly a third facing extinction if humanity doesn’t swiftly change its ways to prevent major losses that would impact not only the species at risk but also hundreds of millions of people, according to a report released Tuesday by 16 conservation groups.
  • Published ahead of a crucial United Nations biodiversity summit scheduled for May, The World’s Forgotten Fishes (pdf) details the “dazzling diversity” of freshwater fishes; their importance to food security, jobs, and ecosystems; threats posed by current human behavior; and how scientists suggest tackling the extinction crisis.
  • “Despite their importance to local communities and Indigenous people across the globe, freshwater fish are invariably forgotten and not factored into development decisions,” said Stuart Orr of WWF. “This can’t continue,” the reports says. “Humanity can’t afford to lose any more of the world’s forgotten fishes or the freshwater ecosystems they inhabit.”

See full story here.

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