Rick Scott Asks “Do we need to pay for bridges?” Then Claims It’s “Radical Left Stuff”

  • Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) on Sunday said that he opposes including infrastructure like bridges in the COVID-19 stimulus bill. Scott made the remarks after Fox News host Chris Wallace asked the senator what he would cut from President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion bill.
  • “That’s pretty easy,” Scott replied. “Do we need to pay for bridges? Does that have anything to do with COVID? Do we need to pay for tunnels for Silicon Valley? Does that do anything?” Scott said the infrastructure spending is “radical left stuff.”
  • “Stop wasting money,” Scott complained. “I want to help people. Republicans want to help people. This is just a radical left-wing agenda that they’re trying to cram through because they think they can tie it to COVID. If they like the tunnels so much in California, do a separate bill and see if it passes… It wouldn’t pass.”

See full story here.

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