Josh Hawley Used Campaign Funds To Pay Bumblebee Taco Bill At “Lobbyist Retreat”

  • Sen. Josh Hawley is facing new scrutiny for billing $197 in food expenses for his family during a “lobbyist retreat” in Orlando as his fellow GOP purveyor of the election fraud myths that lead to the deadly Jan 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol Ted Cruz, received widespread condemnation from fleeing Texas for Cancun during an ice storm crisis in his state.
  • FEC filings show that Hawley’s campaign footed the bill in seven separate charges paid to Voodoo Doughnut, Seuss Popcorn, Lard Lad, Lagoon Popcorn, Hopping Pot, Bumblebee Taco, and Margaritaville during a personal vacation last March. The New York Post reports that the event was organized in conjunction with fellow Missouri Senator Roy Blunt’s Rely on Your Belief PAC, which spent $4,680.65 on admission to the theme park.
  • Because politicians are strictly prohibited from using campaign money for personal expenditures, Hawley’s splurge sounded alarms amongst campaign finance experts. “It appears to not be a legal use of campaign funds,” said Ann Ravel, the former F.E.C. chairwoman under Obama.

See full story here.

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