Mississippi Joins Texas In “Failed State” Status As Water System Collapse Continues

  • Like Texas, Mississippi suffered under the same cold snap, and while they didn’t lose power, they did lose water. While most states would be fighting to help their people, Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, focused instead on ignoring all COVID-19 protections.
  • Reeves is an anti-big government Republican, but he’s pondering taking over Jackson, Mississippi’s water system, reported WATP last week. “To get the water system fixed would cost more than a billion dollars, which would take local, state and federal funds,” said the report.
  • The Daily Beast reported that “the crisis has hit south and west Jackson hardest while leaving northeast Jackson, the one predominantly white corner of this 80 percent Black capital city, relatively unscathed.” MSNBC’s Joy Reid said, “The southern states seem to be particularly a thing, where there is lack of investment in communities of color, lack of investment in infrastructure,” she said. “It’s about privatization and profit.”

See full story here.

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