Cuomo Staffers “Waking Up To The Fact That We Were In A Cult”

  • Long the subject of hush-hush anecdotes and off-the-record tales, details of Gov. Cuomo’s management style are emerging as scandals rock his administration. “We’re all kind of waking up to the fact that we were in a cult,” a former staffer told Gothamist/WNYC in a report published Thursday.
  • In the past few weeks, three women have recounted instances of the governor making inquiries about their sex lives and, in two cases, kissing or attempting to kiss them. (Cuomo has denied that he did.) More accounts have since emerged of Cuomo’s intense workplace atmosphere.
  • “I knew by looking cute, and not being obstinate or opinionated, and doing what I was told and looking polished,” and added, “That is the only way I would survive there.” Another woman in Cuomo’s office told her that the governor “likes blondes,” and added, “You gotta wear heels when he’s in Albany sweetie, that’s the rule.”

See full story here.

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