“It’s Like Being Able To Breathe” $500 No-Strings-Attached Cali UBI Program Pays Off

  • A high-profile universal basic income experiment in Stockton, Calif., which gave randomly selected residents $500 per month for two years with no strings attached, measurably improved participants’ job prospects, financial stability and overall well-being.
  • The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, or SEED, was founded in February 2019 by then-Mayor Michael Tubbs and funded by donors, including the Economic Security Project. It gave 125 people living in neighborhoods at or below Stockton’s median household income the unconditional monthly stipend.
  • “The last year has shown us that far too many people were living on the financial edge, and were pushed over it by COVID-19,” Tubbs said in a statement. “Before SEED came along, I was paying a lot of bills and didn’t know how I was gonna eat,” a participant named Laura said in a testimonial. “It’s like being able to breathe.”

See full story here.

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