“If We Take A Nap, Someone Would Very Much Like To Overthrow Democracy” -Lula Interview

  • Yesterday, Brazil was convulsed by news that several criminal cases against Lula, as he is popularly known, were voided by a Supreme Court justice, “restoring his right to seek the presidency again, in a decision with the potential to reshape Brazil’s political future,” as The New York Times reported. Lula is now expected to run next year for the presidency, against the rightist Trump govern-alike Jair Bolsonaro.
  • In a conversation recorded before the justice’s decision, but with the possibility it created already in mind, The Ink talked with Lula about what he learned in prison, how he reads the rise of fascism around the world, what he thinks progressives must do to win national elections as he did, and whether he is ready for another go at the presidency.
  • LULA: “So I’ll continue to struggle. I’m enthusiastic, conveying energy to people, conveying vitality to people. There’s no room, there’s no time, to stay quiet. We have to build democracy. We have to build a better world, and to fight every day, because if we take a nap, someone would very much like to overthrow democracy.”

See full interview here.

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