U.S. Ranks 53rd Among 84 Countries That Are Described As “Free”

  • The good news for the United States in the latest survey of political freedom around the world: Things haven’t gotten any worse. But the country remains mired in the middle tier of “free” countries when it comes to political rights and civil liberties.
  • The Freedom in the World 2020 report, produced by Freedom House, ranks the United States 53rd among 84 countries described as “free” (as opposed to “partly free” or “not free”), sandwiched between Slovakia and Belize. The previous edition put the country just one notch better, in 52nd place, although the nation’s overall score was the same both years.
  • Freedom House scored countries in 25 categories, each worth up to 4 points. The United States received only 2 points, noting that “women and some minority groups continue to suffer from disparities on various indicators, and a number of recent government policies have infringed on the fundamental rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants.”

See full story here.

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