Missouri Trump Voter And Coronavirus Patient Is Facing Eviction

  • Although some Americans haven’t lost anything economically during the COVID-19 pandemic, others have been suffering financial hell. One such American is Cassandra Conrad, a Missouri resident and coronavirus patient who is facing eviction. In an article published by The Nation on March 15, Conrad explains why she is falling through the cracks and facing eviction during her illness.
  • “My son, Jonah, and I have been sick with the coronavirus for more than a month, and we and our dog could be evicted in days,” Conrad explains. “I don’t have family nearby, and my friends are in situations as shaky as mine. Along with an eviction, I’m facing utility cutoffs, unemployment, and the threat of poverty. The only thing that can resolve these problems is action from the government.”
  • Conrad also points out that she voted for former President Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, believing he would “try to improve our economic situation and concentrate on our country.” And Conrad doesn’t say that she regrets doing so, although she wishes the federal government would do more to help Americans facing the type of dire situation she is facing.

See full story here.

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