Neo-Nazis And Other Right Wing Groups Are Targeting Critical Infrastructure

  • Extremist groups joined forces in the weeks after the election to target critical infrastructure and “incite fear,” an NYPD intelligence report said. The detailed intelligence report obtained by The Intercept finds that cellphone towers and other critical infrastructure have become an attractive target for conspiracy theorists.
  • Many far-right groups adhere to the “accelerationist” principle, which maintains that hastening the collapse of society will bring about political change. Targeting critical infrastructure, which impedes the state’s ability to function, is a common insurgency tactic used by militant groups worldwide.
  • A neo-Nazi chat group whose “members strongly supported exploiting civil unrest in the United States by attacking the country’s infrastructure.” A member of the chat group, the report adds, wanted to “pursue ‘destruction where the system won’t be able to prepare for it,’ namely through attacks on U.S. bridges, railways and electrical grids.”

See full story here.

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