Young Goldman Sachs Bankers Beg For 95 Hour Weeks To Stop “This Is Inhumane Abuse”

  • First-year bankers at investment bank Goldman Sachs have warned that they might quit unless their gruelling working conditions improve. An internal survey among 13 employees showed they averaged 95 hours of work a week and slept five hours a night.
  • The survey, which began circulating on social media on Wednesday, is presented on Goldman Sachs-branded slides that note they were produced within the investment banking division. But the BBC understands that the survey was conducted by a “self-selected” group of US-based first-year investment banking analysts among themselves.
  • “The sleep deprivation, the treatment by senior bankers, the mental and physical stress… I’ve been through foster care and this is arguably worse,” one respondent said in the survey, which has been seen by the BBC. “This is beyond the level of ‘hard-working’, this is inhumane/abuse,” said another.

See full story here.

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