Florida School Voucher Bills Are A “Death Knell” For Public Education Funding

  • The life of Florida public education  now hangs in the balance, thanks to the relentless march of Governor Ron DeSantis and his far right legislature, who are attempting to drastically privatize the state’s greatest public asset.
  • In what state Senator Perry Thurston calls a “death knell,” the 2021 Florida House and Senate are fast-tracking the passage of SB 48. This bill will convert the state’s five vouchers into two Education Savings Account/Debit Cards paid, for the first time, with public school tax dollars and a spending flexibility so wide that parents are not even required to pay for teachers or tuition.
  • It is no exaggeration to say Florida’s SB 48 and the conversion to education savings accounts is likely the greatest threat to the state’s public education system that most of us will ever see in our lifetimes—hollowing out a treasured public asset to shift massive public funds into unaccountable profit-hungry private hands.

See full story here.

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