GOP “Hate The Poor” So Much They Ignored Voters And “Flushed Away” $1 Billion For Medicaid In Missouri

  • In August 2020, Missouri residents voted to expand Medicaid. But now, Republicans who control Missouri’s state legislature are rejecting that mandated expansion. The Kansas City Star’s editorial board lambasts them for it in a scathing editorial published on March 26.
  • The editorial board explains, “The state’s constitution requires the state to provide Medicaid coverage for eligible Missourians at or below 133% of the poverty level. For the radical Republicans in Jefferson City, however, the people’s will, and the constitution, are mere waste, to be flushed away.”
  • “Why? Because they hate the poor. There can be no other explanation. That hatred is so intense, it overrides greed, political ambition, even respect for the law. Far too many GOP lawmakers don’t want this to be a state where even one poor Missourian gets treated for a cough or a broken finger.”

See full story here.

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