Clarence Thomas Really Wants To Look At Section 230 “It Behooves Us To Do So”

  • In a statement on Tuesday, the powerful conservative justice said he thinks the high court should weigh in on the sweeping interpretations of Section 230 coming from lower courts. He argued the courts have interpreted the statute too broadly, allowing tech firms to avoid responsibility for content posted on their platforms.
  • “Extending ยง230 immunity beyond the natural reading of the text can have serious consequences,” Thomas wrote, in response to the Section 230 case before the court, Malwarebytes, Inc. v. Enigma Software. He agreed with his fellow justices that Malwarebytes is not the right case to take on. But he added, “in an appropriate case, it behooves us to do so.”
  • Elizabeth Baker, the deputy general counsel for the Internet Association, said The Justice’s interpretation of Section 230 “would create an inferior, less safe online experience for all.” She noted that the opinion was presented only by Thomas, “and not the entire court.”

See full story here.

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