National Review Really Can’t Stand Democracy

  • National Review has published three separate articles arguing that voting should not be easier to do for “stupid” people.
  • Trump claimed his losses in Georgia were the result of a centralized plot carried out in predominately Black areas and Socialist Foreign Governments.
  • Republicans are slowly understanding the idea that if they’re seen as making a Jim Crow–style attack on voting rights, it’s a problem for them politically.

Ben Mathis-Lilley from Slate writes:

“In the last week-plus, the nominally intellectual right-wing publication National Review has run three separate articles arguing that voting shouldn’t be easier to do, because if it is, stupid, ill-informed people will do too much of it. What?”

Roughly speaking, we got to this moment like so:

1. Donald Trump lost a presidential election, in which Georgia was one of the states that he lost by a very narrow margin.”

2. Trump and his allies in the Republican Party claimed his losses in Georgia and elsewhere were the result of fraud—a centralized plot, carried out in predominately Black areas and coordinated with foreign governments, to rig voting machines and submit fake ballots. This culminated on Jan. 6 when Trump supporters, many of whom were members of white-nationalist groups, stormed the grounds of the Capitol.

3. Republican-controlled state legislatures and statehouses in Georgia and elsewhere passed laws rolling back automatic voter registration, mail-in voting, and early in-person voting, on the grounds that such restrictions are needed to restore public trust in the electoral system. Historically, these methods have been disproportionately used by Black voters and lower-income voters who tend to vote Democratic.”

4. Many observers interpreted the Georgia law as a suppressive, racist one on the grounds that it limits methods of voting used disproportionately by Black people…”

See full story here.

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