Hunter Biden Is The Poster Boy For An American Political Aristocracy And Our Sham Meritocracy

  • By his own confession, Hunter Biden is a liar, a cheat and a sneak. The youngest son of President Joe Biden  has now written his memoir Beautiful Things.
  • When Hunter reapplied to Yale Law School after being rejected, he was sure it was a poem he had submitted with his application that eventually got him in.
  • At the conclusion of Beautiful Things, Hunter is saved for the umpteenth time from his own worst compulsions, this time by a South African woman named Melissa, whose piercing blue eyes remind him of his late brother’s eyes. 

Jacob Bacharach from In These Times writes:

“Hunter Biden wanted to be an artist, perhaps a writer or a musician. His older brother, Beau, encouraged him to become a singer-songwriter. And yet, impelled by a striving ambition born of the desire to emulate his more conventional older sibling (and to heed the advice of the well-heeled elites who surrounded the Biden family from early childhood), Hunter chose a different path. He strives earnestly, but he is beset by failure and addiction.

By his own confession, Hunter Biden is a liar, a cheat and a sneak. The embattled youngest son of President Joe Biden — and the author of a hasty but not uncharming new memoir, Beautiful Things—is willing to deceive his loved ones and business partners while stretching his moral and financial credit to their limits. 

Hunter is also almost entirely without guile. When he reapplies to Yale Law School after initially being rejected, he is convinced it was a poem he submitted with his application that ultimately sealed his acceptance. ​“Yale’s acceptance letter noted that my success and dedication … more than qualified me,” he writes, ​“but that my poem was unlike anything they’d ever received.” The idea that an admissions officer would reward a politically prominent admittee after he studied for a year at a slightly less august institution — in this case, Georgetown — simply never occurs to him. Ah yes, young man. Your poem. Quite unlike anything ever seen.

This premise — that Hunter is a liar but an honest one — makes Beautiful Thingsa fascinating glimpse into the life of America’s middling political aristocracy and, perhaps, a funhouse mirror reflection of his father’s own place in our crooked meritocracy…”

See full story here.

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