3 NYPD Cops Arrested In Kickback, Bribery And Drug Trafficking Scheme

  • According to prosecutors, the 3 officers would respond to car crashes and make sure the damaged vehicles would go to a specific tow truck company in exchange for kickbacks.
  • The scheme went further by giving the contact info on crash victims to another unidentified individual in return for bribes, so they could sell the information to physical therapy businesses and personal injury attorneys.
  • One was outed as an unabashedly racist cop who feds say would randomly point his gun at Black passers-by “just to enjoy the look on their faces”.

New York Daily News writes:

“NEW YORK — Bribery charges against a retired New York Police Department officer were the least of his sins.

Ex-cop Robert Smith was busted Tuesday along with current NYPD officers Robert Hassett and Heather Busch on charges of collecting thousands of dollars in crooked payoffs for steering cars damaged in wrecks to a specific tow-trucking business.

But Smith, in court documents, was outed as as a racist who feds say delivered heroin, spewed hate-filled rhetoric and randomly pointed his gun at Black passers-by just to enjoy the look on their faces.

“Bro I point my gun out the window now at n—–s and watch their reaction and drive way,” the then-retired officer allegedly wrote in a text message cited by federal prosecutors. “Hilarious.”

In one recording, Smith described himself as “one of the most corrupt cops in the 105 (Precinct)″ and declared his badge was the only thing sparing him from repeated arrests, according to prosecutors.

“Smith’s unabashedly racist and hate-filled language in his communications included regular references to Black individuals as ‘n—–s’ and numerous references to the Ku Klux Klan,” wrote Ryan Harris, the assistant U.S. Attorney on the case.

Just after his retirement, the former officer allegedly wrote, “Now the real [S]mith will shine. I even shaved my head. Klan.”

According to prosecutors, the three officers responded to car crashes while on the job and made sure the damaged vehicles went to a specific tow truck and repairs business in exchange for kickbacks…”

See full story here.

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