Arkansas Cop Flips Pregnant Woman’s SUV Before She Can Find A Safe Place To Pull Over

  • A Pregnant Woman is suing Arkansas State Police for flipping her car in a “precision immobilization technique” (PIT), a maneuver which has killed at least 3 other people in 2020.
  • The suit asserts that “Arkansas State Police ‘failed to train’ Dunn on ‘proper and safe PIT maneuver technique,’ failed to ‘investigate allegations of excessive force,’ and ‘failed to discipline officers for violations of policy related to excessive force.'”
  • She told the Trooper, “I did slow down, I turned on my hazards, I thought I was doing the right thing.” She was literally doing the textbook right thing, according to AK driver’s license test guides.

Brian Doherty from Reason writes:

“Nicole Harper, pregnant with her daughter, was driving her SUV home on a Arkansas freeway in July 2020 when Arkansas State trooper Rodney Dunn decided to stop her for allegedly driving 84 in a 70 mph zone. He turned on his lights in an attempt to make her pull over.

Following what she understood to be standard safe procedure in this situation, Harper moved into the right lane, slowed down, turned on her hazards to indicate to the officer that she understood what was going on, and was seeking a safe shoulder or exit to pull over.

No sane person could have imagined, given Harper’s behavior, that she was involved in any active attempt to escape the raw justice of a speeding ticket. Fewer than two or three minutes had passed since the cop first turned on his lights.

Corporal Dunn was having none of that. Using an insanely dangerous strategy that police in Arkansas are using more and more—144 times last year, double the number of times the year before—he slammed into her SUV causing her to hit the concrete median, flipping her SUV. The practice, called the “precision immobilization technique” (PIT), killed at least three people in 2020.

That stops a speeder! It also runs a real risk of killing a speeder. In a perfect world, the technique is supposed to just send the vehicle spinning out and thus stop the chase…”

See full story here.

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