DJTJ Appears To Be Rather Inebriated In His Latest Video Rant, Allegedly

  • Donald Trump Jr went on an incoherent rant in his latest video and appeared to be quite inebriated.
  • “I don’t think Joe’s smart enough to say like, hey let’s send him off the trail, uh, don’t hack the McDonalds in DC, I mean…” Don Jr rambled on a live stream.
  • He said, “Why doesn’t he just give Putin like, I dunno, the keys to the Nuclear Football” before yet another slurred rant ensued.

Bob Brigham from Rawstory writes:

“Even critics of the Trump family offered well wishes that Donald Trump, Jr. will seek help after a shocking video was released by the former president’s son.

Much of the commentary focused on the mental state and/or intoxication of Trump, Jr. as prosecutors in New York City are reportedly close to indicting the Trump Organization.

Here’s some of what people were saying about the video:…”

See full story here.

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